Terms of Business

Payment must be made at the commencement of the agreed-upon rental period. Any additional charges (delayed return, etc.) must be paid immediately upon return of the vehicle. The leaser receives the vehicle in a proper and clean condition ready to drive, including first-aid kit, breakdown triangle and warning vest.
The leaser undertakes to treat the vehicle with care and to return it at the original rental location. The fuel is provided by the leaser. The vehicle is supplied with a full tank of petrol and must also be returned with a full tank.
The leaser must drive the car him- or herself. When handing over the car, the lessor will check the driving license of the leaser and shall make a copy thereof.

The leaser is responsible in the event of illegal use of the vehicle according to the rules of the road, as well as for any and all damages which s/he causes. In order to rent a vehicle, the leaser must be at least 18 years of age and posses a valid driving license issued by authorities within a member state of the United Nations corresponding to (Austrian) Group B. The lessor is entitled to refuse to hand over the vehicle without having to cite cause.
At the time the lessor hands over the vehicle to the leaser, both parties will inspect the vehicle for possible damage and note this on the rental agreement.
Vehicles are officially registered and covered by liability- as well as comprehensive insurance. In the event of damages caused by collision, the leaser shall pay a deductible. The deductible can be either cut in half or nullified by payment of a specified amount per day. The deductible shall be paid to the lessor immediately subsequent to the incident which caused the damage.

The deductible applies to each separate incident resulting in damage (insofar as the sum for damages exceeds this
amount – otherwise the deductible will be less based on the actual cost of damages).
EUR 600
Reduced deductible per collision incident (cost for the leaser: EUR 15/day) EUR 300
No deductible per collision incident (cost for the leaser: EUR 25/day) EUR 0

The rental charge is the amount stipulated in the rental contract.
Upon the request of the leaser, the lessor is willing to deliver the vehicle at another place as requested by the leaser. The costs related to this are a component of the rental agreement and must be aid at the time vehicle is delivered to the customer.


Additional provisions of the rental agreement

§1 Payment

The price for use of the vehicle is a daily rate. One day is considered to be the period from the time the vehicle is picked up for a continuous period of 24 hours. Vehicles may be picked up and returned during regular hours of business on working days. The rental charge will be calculated at the time the customer picks up the vehicle and immediately becomes due, including the legally prescribed taxes and fees without deductions of any kind.

§2 Acceptance/Return

The vehicle must be returned punctually on the last day of the rental agreement at the place where the vehicle was originally rented, and this shall happen during regular hours of business. The vehicle must be handed over personally to the lessor or a person authorized by the lessor. The lessor is entitled, without any requirement to cite reasons, to demand return of the rental vehicle and, in the event of failure to pay on the part of the customer, to repossess the vehicle at the customer’s expense. The vehicle will be handed over to the customer in a clean condition and must be returned in a condition appropriate to normal use. If the vehicle has been soiled beyond that which is typical of normal use, the customer shall immediately pay a cleaning charge to the lessor. The amount of this charge will be based on the amount of additional cleaning entailed. In the event of late return, the leaser will pay a specified amount (refer to rental agreement) per each commenced hour (maxing out at the daily rate corresponding to the 1-day rental charge for the vehicle in question). The leaser bears the costs for any additional expenses which have to be borne by the lessor (due to loss of the vehicle key, vehicle registration etc.).

§3 Use and Treatment of the Vehicle

The leaser must drive the vehicle with due caution and treat it as if it were his own. Engine oil, coolant and tire pressure must be checked regularly. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle. Failure to comply will make the leaser liable for damages without restriction. The vehicle may not be used for commercial passenger transportation. Participation in motorsports events is prohibited. The leaser is prohibited from transferring possession or use of the vehicle to a third-party, even if only temporarily. 

§4 Correct behavior in case of accident

If the leaser is involved in a collision, he must complete the international damage form contained in the vehicle without exception. The lessor must be informed about the accident without delay. Regardless of culpability, the leaser undertakes to bear the costs of all damages not covered by the current liability and collision insurance, in particular the deductible and pursuant depreciation in value. For accident damage to the vehicle, due to drunkenness or over-fatigue at the wheel, permitting a third-party to drive the vehicle who is not entitled to do so, or in the event of other cases of gross negligence, the leaser alone bears sole liability.

§5 Miscellaneous

For any and all traffic and regulatory offenses, the leaser bears sole liability. The leaser confirms and declares by signing this contract that s/he indemnifies and holds harmless the lessor with regards to third-party claims of whatever nature. The leaser is fundamentally excluded from exiting Austrian territory with the rental vehicle. All vehicles offered by the lessor are equipped with a GPS navigation system. Amendments or addenda to this rental agreement require the written agreement of the lessor to have legal standing. Oral side-agreements have no standing. Any disputes pertaining to this agreement shall be adjudicated by the legally competent and responsible authority at the seat of the lessor.

Terms of Business as amended 31. 12. 2015/4 p.m. by General Manager Andreas Rohrmoser (valid until further notice)

By signing this rental agreement, the leaser confirms that s/he has read and accepts the Terms of Business as well as “Additional Provisions of the Rental Agreement”.